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Welcome to Nuenda

Nuenda was founded in November 2015 in Vittoria, a part of the province of Ragusa, by three young college students: Emanuele Marino, Ilary Taranto, Stefano Recupero.


Friends since they were children, the collaboration between the three founders started even before the creation of the company itself, with one common clear objective: offer the best and newest techniques and technologies to professional growers and nurseries and guarantee a cheaper high quality finished product, to fit today’s market.

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Why should you choose Nuenda

Openness and Technical Support

In Nuenda, we don’t have clients, we have collaborators. In order to keep these collaborations a focal point, we are prepared to use our skill and know-how as an ever-ready technical support, with the objective to leave You always satisfied.

A Clear Dream and one Common Objective

A clear dream and one common objective: to make the latest technologies and techniques available for nursery owners and producers, and to guarantee a final product both high in quality and competitive in today’s market.

More than 3 Years of Research

Although the company is young, we have many combined years of experience in this sector, as we have dedicated ourselves to research, development and distribution of new technologies. The NIS is the result of more than 3 years of research and trials.

100% Guaranteed Results

High quality grafting allows the bases obtain better growth and development for future production. With our Incubation System, we control all the variables, giving the plants the perfect habitat to root and create the best scar possible between scion and rootstock, with high success rates, 100% guaranteed.


Nuenda: A Sicilian Start-up


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High quality grafting puts the bases for a better growth and development for future production.

The Nuenda Incubation System is the result of 3 years of applicative research and studies to find
a new system able to better as much as possible the rooting and scaring process between the two grafted plants.

The NIS that simplifies grafting Find out more

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