Innovazione tecnica e tecnologica per un'agricoltura più semplice e sostenibile.


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About Nuenda

   Welcome to Nuenda

Nuenda is a company founded in Vittoria, Sicily, in November 2015, by three young college students: Emanuele Marino, Ilary Taranto and Stefano Recupero.

As childhood friends, the collaboration between the three founders starts time before the creation of the company itself, having one objective and one dream in common: to make the newest technologies in agriculture available for nurseries and farmers, to help them reach higher quality, higher yields and producing at a competitive price.

Although young, the company boasts a vast combined experience in the agricultural sector, and we are committed to research, development and distribution of innovative technical means, collaborating with other companies and farmers in national and abroad projects.
Furthermore, Nuenda is collaborating with a multinational company to bring as many agricultural gadgets as possible to the market, to make your farming experience easier, eco-friendly and more affordable.

Nuenda, new techniques and technologies for a simpler and more eco-friendly agriculture.


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Team Members


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Team Nuenda

Stefano Recupero
Responsible of International Relations, Sales and Marketing and Nuenda Cofounder


Ilary Taranto
Responsible of Research and Development of Technologies applied to Agriculture and Nuenda Cofounder



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Orto-Floro Nurseries Productions
Vittoria RG – Sicily