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The Nuenda Incubation System

Why an Incubator

The NIS is the result of 3 years of applied research to find a new system that could better the rooting and scaring process between grafted plants and seedlings.
In today’s market the farmer’s demand for grafted plants is at an all-time high, given that the numerous advantages justify the price of the process compared to standard plants, taking in account the final and better results of grafting. With today’s techniques to obtain grafted plants, it is quite hard to increase production and wanting to keep the same, if not better, high-quality and consistent standards without considerably affecting on the finished product’s price.


It takes a lot of experience and attention from the nurseries and their workers to make grafted plants for professional horticulture farming, especially during the very delicate rooting and scaring stage between scion and rootstock: the plants, already under high stress caused by the cutting, must now scar under the greenhouse’s variable conditions, making it harder with fluctuating light, temperature and humidity, which all influence negatively on the plants’ stress, influencing the scaring stage and the quality of said scar tissue.

The Nuenda Incubation System (NIS)

By eliminating the variables, we eliminate all the extra and unnecessary stress that the plants undergo in this very delicate phase, reducing cases of:
-abortion and consequent death of both grafted parts;
-the formation of a too thick scar tissue that will influence negatively on the lymphatic flux between scion and rootstock along the plant’s entire life-cycle;
-growth of adventitious roots on the scion that try to grow over the rootstock.


A high-quality grafting puts the bases for a better growth and development throughout the plant’s life-cycle.
The NIS lets us control all the variables, presenting itself as the perfect habitat for optimal scaring between scion and rootstock, guarantying a success rate close to 100%..

Our Result

We as Nuenda have obtained the best results possible in our trials throughout the years, although what is important for us is what our clients say about our system.
The nurseries that use the N.I.S. have been obtaining success rates of 100%, with little to no mortality among the grafted plants: by controlling the lights, temperature, and the humidity in our system, we are able to guarantee high success in your grafting process, cutting down on manpower, space occupied in the greenhouse, logistics amongst the whole nursery’s production line and, finally, the price.
The N.I.S. has been tested and used with most of the horticulture grafted professional hybrid varieties (both Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae plants).

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