Innovazione tecnica e tecnologica per un'agricoltura più semplice e sostenibile.


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Domenica CHIUSO

Vision & Mission

Nuenda is a young company founded with the single objective to make technical means and new technologies available for farmers and nurseries, to simplify the agricultural process, obtaining the best quality and yield possible from your crops. Our team, although young, can boast resources with more than 20 years of experience in this industry: active in research, development and the marketing of new hi-tech products applied to agriculture, we collaborate with various companies to obtain and realise ad hoc projects in Italy and in the world.
Nuenda is always ready to grow, learn and increase relations, wanting to establish intermediation relationships between companies thanks to the strength of an always moving team, looking for the best of the best that today’s market has to offer.


We don’t have clients, but collaborators for whom we are always ready and available for, putting our know-how and our technical support at your disposal, trying to leave YOU always satisfied.

vision e mission aziendale
“The answer is yes, now what’s the question?

High quality grafting puts the bases for a better growth
and development for future production.

The Nuenda Incubation System is the result of 3 years of applicative research and studies to find
a new system able to better as much as possible the rooting and scaring process between the two grafted plants.

The NIS that simplifies grafting Find out more